E9 Integrated Elevator Controller

Integrated Controller E9 is a professional Integrated Controller specially developed for elevators. It incorporates advanced technologies and meets all international standards that make the elevator easy to control, safe to operate and comfortable to take.  E9 controller has nearly one hundred functions and it will satisfy every customer demand while the unique function of remote debugging will save maintenance cost.

Контроллер E9 

Elevators electrical wiring is performed with a modular approach using high quality connectors, which practically eliminates the possibility of errors and allows to install equipment in short terms.

 In the event of power cuts elevator starts its work using the emergency power supply, then automatically reaches the nearest floor in low speed regime and opens the door. 

 Main control board contains microcontroller for elevator and machine operation. Data exchange is carried out using the high-speed RAM memory with the maximum 100 nanoseconds delay time. Encoder is installed into machine to provide system control in closed-loop operation.

 Auto-leveling function with opened doors provides the possibility of cabin floor leveling with opened doors and changing load, which makes passenger and cargo travelling more comfortable.

 User can examine elevator errors using LAN or Ethernet. System also maintains automatic distribution of IP addresses or they can be set manually.

 Built-in function of phase loss is the perfect solution to protect system from phase failure of input power supply.

 Doors pre-opening function is used to improve the operational efficiency.

 There is a possibility to connect and control 4 elevators at the same time. Power interruption of one elevator does not affect group operation, and in case of any problem, system will identify the reason and switch on simplex control mode of each elevator.

The equipment is adapted to the Russian remote monitoring system "OB’".

Maximum overload capacity of inverter output is 150% during 120 seconds or 200% during 2 seconds of rated output current.

Protection from inter-phase short circuit and ground short circuit is provided.

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