UNGERT equipment is designed according to the latest world elevator industry trends to provide our customers maximum safety and operating reliability.

 Travelling comfort, low noise level (no more than 55 dB in the machine room) , high accuracy of positioning (± 5mm) are provided by advanced technologies, such as gearless traction machine with permanent magnets and controller with integrated frequency inverter.

 UNGERT elevators have the maximum energy efficiency rating. Energy consumption is reduced by 60% compared with conventional elevators, which promotes a significant reduction of operating cost.

Our equipment is adapted to "OB" - Russian system of dispatching. In case of fault, system allows to react quickly and fix the problem.

 Taking care of passenger’s safety and comfort, our company has developed an emergency power system. In case of building power cuts, elevator automatically reaches the nearest floor and opens the door providing safe exit for passengers. 

 Basic safety devices: hydraulic buffer, bidirectional safety gears for graduate braking, bidirectional over-speed governor, shaft door lock are all certificated according to the Russian Federation legislation.

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